Step into style. Introducing the next level in fine jewellery, The Niplet™©…

Own a personal piece of handcrafted jewellery. Be the first to experience the opulence, elegance and classic heritage value of this sophisticated collectors item.


Each Niplet™© is socially conscious and a sustainable art piece, customised to suit your specifications in accordance to stone colour, size and style. The Niplet™© is suited for everyday wear, having been hand-finished with each stone individually set by Australian Master Craftsman and Jewellery Designer Paul Amey.

The Newest Global Fashion Trend

Choose your design of each individually handcrafted Niplet™© to guarantee you are a part of the new fashion wave. As unique as the individual wearing it, the final product is a combination of enhancing your natural beauty with specialised master craftsmanship.

The Niplet™© has been designed by a member of The Gold & Silversmiths Guild Of Australia