How Does The Niplet Stay On?

The Niplet™ is designed and engineered to “stay on” in a non-invasive alternative to piercing jewellery. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sizing of the Niplet™ we have provided you with a free sample of an adhesive product which will give you peace of mind for those early days when you may feel a little unsure of the Niplet’s™ “staying” ability. Important: Please read the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions along with this information.


Can I Run In The Niplet?

The Niplet™ can be customised to any size for ultimate security. It will stay on through the most rigorous of exercises or intense movement.


Can I Dance In The Niplet?

Our bellydancing customers swear by it.


What about Sizing?

The sizing of the Niplet™ has been tried and tested by hundreds of different kinds of breasts. If you are unsure, please visit our consultants in-store.