Our Story



Paul Amey is an award-winning master goldsmith and jewellery designer who is world renowned for his work in creating and producing beautiful jewellery completely by hand. Paul owns Erotic Jewellery Company and is a professional manufacturer and retailer of high quality jewellery. With over 50 years in the industry, Paul is still passionate about designing and producing special pieces for discerning clients.

It takes time and patience to work out something special for each customer and ensure that the customers are always completely satisfied with the work.

If you have something in mind, for a special gift or perhaps an engagement ring, speak to Paul about what he can do for you.

The next evolution in jewellery fashion is HERE…

Paul’s 3:00am wake up epiphany came up with an elegant answer for body adornment, the Niplet™©.

The non-piercing Niplet™© Range provides all the promise and whimsical fun that our imaginative jewellery line conjures up.

The ultimate enhancement for the most alluring of females. This range has been expressly designed for you with only the best stones and materials available to us today.